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Weightless Warrior Program


Gravity Spa is proud to participate in the Weightless Warrior Program!  This is a ten week program for veterans diagnosed with PTSD to have an opportunity to use flotation as a method of therapy, free of charge.  Many float centers all over the United States participate in this veteran program.  Participants submit details on their symptoms before, after five weeks, and at the end.  Eventually, the data collected will show us just how much people with PTSD are benefitting!  If this could benefit you or someone you know, give us a call!  We’d love to help!


How floats have been helping…

If you search, there are many testimonials out there about flotation helping to reduce depression and anxiety.  I was very happy to read about “Andrew” from our friends at FLOAT Boston

Trey Hearn, Air Force veteran and owner of Float Bros. Float Spa in Destin, FL, tells about how floating has effected his life and is benefitting many others that come to his facility.  

A couple of us had the privilege, in 2016, to hear Michael Harding tell his story at the Float Conference in Portland, OR.  At the same conference, Gary Ferguson, a Vietnam veteran, inspired an army of float owners to commit to helping veterans.  His program, Pathways for Veterans, focuses on alternative ways of improving the body, mind, and spirit and is partnered with many organizations that are working hard to develop research.  He preaches with so much love and passion that’s it’s downright impossible not to seek your role in his mission.

Videos of both conference talks are on the bottom of Weightless Warrior‘s website.  They’re definitely worth the watch!



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