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Gravity Spa is home to the region's first and only flotation tanks. We also offer massage therapy. Pair the two together and you'll be in heaven. We want to be associated with more than just relaxation. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in our community as well as encourage growth of the human spirit. If you are seeking heightened creativity, pain relief, sports enhancement, super learning, relaxation or just simply want to satisfy your curiosity, your experience at Gravity Spa will not be one you forget.

Recent News

  • Vice Flotation Tank Documentary

    The guys over at Vice, an amazing documentary program, put together a three part series on floating and sensory deprivation tanks. Here they are. Enjoy!

  • Flotation for the creative mind can make for some very interesting artwork. We want to see how it affects you! Gravity Spa will now be offering free flotation tank time ...


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