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Hot Stone Massage

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“Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Relaxing can bring relief to much of what ails you. In our stressful and often negative world, your decision to make relaxing a priority will help you navigate, handle, and minimize stress”

Hot Stone Massage $105

If you’re truly looking to pamper yourself or someone you love, a hot stone massage is just the ticket! This full-body massage can accommodate any pressure preference. Hot stones can even be used as a tool if you love deep work.

Book 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage $145

90 minutes is definitely recommended when it comes to hot stone massage! This gives our therapists more time to place stones and give a dreamier, more focused massage.

Book 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Package $150

What a dream! 60 minute hot stone massage and a 1 hour float. Hint: We recommend the 90 minute hot stone upgrade for $40 more.

Book 1 Hour Massage + 1 Hour Float

3-Pack $285

Here are three 60 minute hot stone massages, regularly $105 each, now for $95 each. If you know you’ll be back, snag yourself a 3-pack to save a couple bucks! These cannot be shared, but are interchangeable with salt stone and cupping massages. This will be saved on your account so you can easily book and pay. The best part is, they never expire!

Buy 3-Pack 1 hour Stone Massages

3-Pack $390

We couldn’t just offer 3-packs for 60 minute massages! Here are three 90 minute massages, regularly $145 each, for only $130. Again, these are not sharable, but they never expire and are interchangeable with salt stone and cupping massages!

Buy 3-Pack 90 minute Stone Massages

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