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Float and Massage Packages

Float Massage Package

*These options are all one hour of floating paired with a one hour massage. To create your own package using a 90 minute float or massage, just book them separately with 15 minutes in between. We’ll give you the $15 package discount when you come in! With hot stones, we definitely recommend upgrading to 90 minutes!

“Should I book a massage or float first??”

Massage First

Everyone has his/her reasons for liking one way better than the other. Booking the massage first means you’ll already be relaxed by the time you get to the float. Since there’s a shower before and after floating, this is a great option if don’t want to take the massage lotion or oil home on your skin.

Float First

There’s no right or wrong order to your services! Floating first means you’ll be less tense and your muscles will be warmed up before you reach your massage. This will give your massage therapist a headstart and allow him/her to give a more effective massage.

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