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After sitting in the flotation tank twice, I can honestly say I’m obsessed with it…I don’t think its possible to achieve that level of relaxation anywhere else. I’m more recharged after one hour in the tank then I am after a full night’s sleep.
Chris Cain – Elite Triathlete – Xenia, OH

Just woke up after having my first float session at Gravity Spa and I feel absolutely amazing… almost no more shoulder and neck pain, definitely going back soon!
Justin Wallace – Beavercreek, OH

What I have noticed primarily is that I was unsure of the benefit of the float when I spoke with you right after. It has been in the days following I’ve been increasingly aware of the benefit.

When I first entered the tank, I found I was anxious, and chose not to close the door so I wouldn’t be distracted by any fears of being shut in – I think next time I will be fine to close the door for even more darkness. The buoyancy of the water, the silkiness of it, was fantastic – it was like being in a quiet, still otherworld. I was aware and unaware of my body at the same time. At one point I felt I was floating in nothingness with a view of the night sky; having that sort of ‘cosmic’ experience was pretty cool. I did feel time stretched on and on, but I think if I can trust next time that I will hear the notice that my session is up (I was sure I wouldn’t hear it), that won’t be an issue.

On the drive home I was in traffic, but it seemed to be unconnected to me – I was able to just let it wash over me. My run the next day was more intense, in a good way. I felt more free. I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about the float, but now I find it is all I can think about, and I just want to do it again and again and again.

I can see this becoming part of my regular life, like eating right and running to feel good and stay healthy. I ran faster yesterday than I ever have, and I attribute it to the float.
Diane – Dayton, OH

Just had the most relaxing experience at Gravity Spa.
Tyler Morton – Beavercreek, OH

Laying here in complete isolation, with only the sounds of my beating heart. The warm salt water envelopes my body…the sublime feeling of weightlessness. Pure relaxation.
Renea Ashcraft – Beavercreek, OH

Floated for my first time the other night…these facilities are very nice and make you feel very comfortable going into the sensory deprivation experience…it will definitely not be my last float, i look forward spending more time at Gravity Spa!
Robbie Marion (Blue Moon Soup) – Yellow Springs, OH

The day of my first float there, my left shoulder was really sore as it had been for days. At first, the pain prevented me from being able to relax as much as I wanted to. At some time during the float, it stopped hurting, and I didn’t really think any thing of it until later that night. I was so relaxed at that point, I had forgot the pain. I smiled all day for 3 days. (Sounds pretty crazy huh?)
Ken – Dayton, OH

Today after many years of knowing Josh and hearing about floating I finally got to do it!! It is truly the most inexplicably enjoyable experience I’ve ever had. I am very much looking forward to my next float.

Personal recommendations:
Wear the ear plugs

Bring sandals/ shower shoes (you’re very slippery when you get out)

I know the idea is to remain as motionless as possible but take just a little time to move and stretch and experience what its like to move with almost no gravity.
Joe Butler – Columbus, OH




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