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Meet The Team

Your Float Guides!

MeeMee – Life guard, certified pool operator, website designer, photographer, videographer, social media dabbler, passionate floater… what DOESN’T she love?  MeeMee is a top-notch float guide because her belief in floating runs DEEP.  Let her explain how floating can effect YOUR life focus.

Colleen – As a Dietetic Technician, Colleen was stoked to explore how floating would integrate with nutrition, health and well-being.  She loves floating to embrace solitude, process her thoughts, and ease physical tension.  I joke that she was hired for her fine taste in fanny packs.

Theresa – She’s not only a member of the Gravity Spa family, but she’s a member of my own family.  She’s been an invaluable part of the team since 2015.  This smart cookie is almost finished with nursing school, so soak her up while you can!

Misty – Studying social work and somatic trauma resolution to become a licensed trauma/PTSD therapist??  Hired!!  Misty is the newest member of our team and she fit right in and filled voids we didn’t know we had.  She is patient and resilient.  She started floating to help with the symptoms of her own CPTSD and fell in love with it.  You can look forward to heartwarming conversations with Misty next time you’re in!

Mel – Gravity Spa’s owner & manager.   That’s me… the weirdo that decided to make this whole webpage sound like I’m narrating it.

Kelsy – Kelsy started floating to help her fibromyalgia, insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.  She’s found that the more consistently she floats, the better she feels overall!  As a military spouse, this girl’s always on the move.  We’ll take her while we have her because with her computer savviness and empathetic heart, she’s a treasure for you and me!

Eclipse – Eclipse (not pictured) joined us as a float guide after providing yoga classes to our staff. As a Yoga teacher, Reiki healer, and owner of Laughing Fox Medicine, she exists to empower individuals to aspire to live a limitless life by creating a community of kindness.


Hi! I’m Melony. Gravity Spa has grown out of marrying two of my life passions: floating and creating. (My husband and son are my other two!) I’m incredibly grateful for a “job” where I’m able to float, create, and provide a happy place for people. I used to spend a great deal of time behind the desk and scrubbing float rooms. Now I have a crew that not only allows me to tackle what’s necessary, but allows me to organize Passion Projects that stressed-out individuals can benefit from. You’ll see me around during the week, so come talk floating with me! You might have to tear me away from scrubbing salty corners or footprints (the “Salt Assassin” in me runs deep), but I promise I’d rather be talking to you!

Our Mission

Our purpose is to be what the next person that walks through our door NEEDS. That could be solitude, conversation, to feel less burdened, or to find pain relief. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people in our community and to encourage individual and collective growth of the human spirit.


“Love your Body. Mind. Spirit. Push yourself a healthy amount to create new reasons to love all three a little more each day. Help others to do the same…. and for Pete’s sake, slow the heck down!”

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