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Meet The Team

Your Float Guides!

Theresa – She’s not only a member of the Gravity Spa family, but she’s a member of my own family.  Theresa’s been an invaluable part of the team since 2015.  This smart cookie is almost finished with nursing school, so soak her up while you can!

Misty – Such a diamond around here! Not only does Misty work as a Head Float Guide, but she’s the lead coordinator for our Weightless Warrior program. You can also now book life coaching sessions with her! Misty has a degree in social work and is working on a Bachelor’s in Psychology, focusing on somatic trauma resolution and trauma/PTSD.  She started floating to help with her own trauma healing and fell in love with it.  You can look forward to heartwarming conversations with Misty next time you’re in!

Mel – Gravity Spa’s owner & manager.   That’s me… the weirdo that decided to make this whole webpage sound like I’m narrating it.

Jenn – One of the best human’s you will ever encounter! If there was a real life Superwoman, Jenn would definitely be it. If something needs to be done, Jenn will ensure that it happens! Plus, she’s a pretty darn good cook!

Madi – Sweet as can be! This girl’s studying Forensics and Psychology while somehow working five days a week here (and crushing it!). With Madi, you can just tell you’ll be in good hands, down to the detail!

Savannah – Savannah has a bachelor’s in Psychology from Wright State, loves art, and has a passion for mental health. She is a major joy to be around and can put a smile on anyone’s face! If you’re looking to hang out after your float and have some good conversation, Savannah won’t disappoint.

Sierra – Fun and friendly! Sierra is a blast and a half. She loves to express her personality through her fashion style. Sierra is an Assistant Float Guide, so you’ll usually see her bouncing between the laundry room and the float rooms. She can clean a float room like no other! Sierra also recently graduated from Sinclair Community College with her associates degree in social work!

Autumn – Our Snail girl! Artistically wholesome and sweet. Autumn is currently studying Psychology at Sinclair Community College while working about four days a week here as an Assistant Float Guide.

Hope – Wise and wonderful! Hope is a great person to talk to about literally anything. She is always willing to listen and help out no matter what. She knows how to bring the elbow grease when needed, too! Hope will soon be heading back to Texas Bible School, but we’re hoping she’ll come back to us again.

Your Massage Therapists!

Our Mission

Our purpose is to be what the next person that walks through our door NEEDS. That could be solitude, conversation, to feel less burdened, or to find pain relief. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people in our community and to encourage individual and collective growth of the human spirit.


“Love your Body. Mind. Spirit. Push yourself a healthy amount to create new reasons to love all three a little more each day. Help others to do the same…. and for Pete’s sake, slow the heck down!”

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