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Gravity Spa Job Opportunities

We are always interested in hiring for the following position(s):

We’re always open to meeting new, talented personalities.  We’d never want to pass up the opportunity to meet someone that could be a perfect fit for us. So even if we aren’t technically “hiring,” please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Often, we’re most interested in people with some weekend availability.

Our staff has been training for Thai Yoga Bodywork since September 2017.  LMTs interested in learning Thai Yoga Bodywork,  Please see our instructor’s details HERE.

Our licensed massage therapists are contracted, but generally stay with us for years.  We provide everything except the lotion of your choice.  An interest/love/passion for floating means a lot to us because clients will ask your perspective & sometimes want to share float experiences.  Schedule a float if you are unfamiliar!  Peruse the rest of our site for a full list of services and prices!


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